Arkanaut Ironcla

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Arkanaut Ironclad

Arkanaut Ironclad – The jewel in the crown of the fleet, the Arkanaut Ironclad is a majestic airship. Bristling with weaponry, its deep cargo holds can be laden with aether-gold or it can be loaded to the gunwales with Arkanaut Companies or Grundstok Thunderers. Advancements made by the Kharadron’s endrineers have allowed for ever-larger vessels of the skyfleet, and the Ironclad is to date the biggest. It’s covered in aerofoils which can be modelled to show the direction of travel, and a complex-looking system of cogs driving the rudder. There’s even a plank which those foolish enough to be captured will be forced to walk. The crew of the Ironclad are every bit as detailed as the vessel they man, with a captain standing at the ship’s wheel; an endrinrigger with various tools hanging off the side, fixing an important leak; a gunner to stand at the main weapon and the aforementioned signaller and navigator. This kit comprises 152 components, and is supplied with a 170 x 109 mm oval base and 50mm ball and socket flying stem.


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