Adeptus Titanicus Mechanicum Acastus Knight Asterius

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Adeptus Titanicus: Mechanicum Acastus Knight Asterius

Adeptus Titanicus: Mechanicum Acastus Knight Asterius – Acastus Knights rival even the Scout Titans of the Collegia Titanica in both size and power. Armed with an array of brutal heavy weapons, it’s great for dealing with enemy Knight banners, dropping Titan shields, and bringing down wounded god-machines. This 32-piece resin kit builds one Acastus Knight Asterius armed with paired twin conversion beam cannons, a Karacnos mortar battery, and twin volkite culverins. It also comes with a 60mm round base and a cardboard command terminal that contains all the rules for using your Acastus Knight Asterius in your games.


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