Legion MKIV Power Weapons Set

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Legion MKIV Power Weapons Set

Legion MKIV Power Weapons Set – The warriors of the Legiones Astartes are the Imperium’s elite, and their officers are commonly equipped with the finest wargear imaginable. The kit comprises ten melta-bombs, five pairs of arms, four Tigrus-pattern bolt pistols, three power fists, three lightning claws, two power axes, two power swords, two chainswords, two Charnabal Sabres, two combat blades, two hand-flamers, two plasma pistols, a thunder hammer, a power maul, a heavy chainsword as well as two modified MKIV torsos. This cornucopia of wargear is perfect for use with our range of resin Space Marine Infantry, and is also fully compatible with Games Workshop’s plastic kits. Space Marines and accessories shown in some images sold separately. The Legion MKIVDespoiler Squad shown in some images for illustrative purposes only and is sold seperately.


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