Alpharius – Primarch of the Alpha Legion

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 Alpharius – Primarch of the Alpha Legion

Alpharius, Primarch of the Alpha Legion – Of all the Primarchs of the Legiones Astartes, Alpharius is without doubt the most steeped in mystery, legend, contradiction and deliberate falsification.  Alpharius is well-equipped for battle, with a grenade pack and master-crafted plasma blaster on his belt, and the Pale Spear in his hands – this is a large 2-handed weapon ending in 2 vicious barbed prongs. The model is posed aiming this spear downward – included is a scenic base depicting a struggling space marine desperately attempting to crawl away as Alpharius aims the Pale Spear to deliver a coup de grace. The space marine on the base is heavily damaged, his armour plate cracked and covered in holes. This kit comes as 22 components, and is supplied with a 40mm round gaming base and a 60mm scenic base.


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