MKIV Ironclad Dreadnought Body

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MKIV Ironclad Dreadnought Body

MKIV Ironclad Dreadnought Body – Heavily augmented and outfitted for siege assault and ship boarding actions, the Ironclad Dreadnought sacrifices versatility and long-range firepower for even greater armoured defence and dedicated siege weaponry such as the Seismic Hammer and Chainfist, designed to pulverise the toughest bastion or armoured bulkhead into twisted wreckage. The fearsome short-ranged firepower of a Hurricane Bolter is often used to augment the Ironclad’s firepower, allowing the ancient hero within the sarcophagus to saturate breached defences with a deadly storm of bolter shells.

The MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought is a full resin kit that comes complete with Hunter Killer Missiles and Frag Assault Launchers as well as shoulder armour plating and a 60mm plastic base. Dreadnought weapon arms shown in some images are sold separately.


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