Master of Possession – Shadowspear

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Master of Possession – Shadowspear

Master of Possession – Shadowspear – thanks to Soulflayer’s dread rituals, malformed creatures now roam the warped industrial districts of Nemendghast in great number, a gruesome parade of heretical warriors infected with the touch of daemonkind and swollen with unnatural gifts. Though his command of the Black Legion on Nemendghast is absolute by decree of Abaddon himself, Vorash Soulflayer has not been without his rivals. The Legion’s Warpsmiths, in particular, have sought to dethrone him and lay claim to Nemendgast’s daemonic flesh-factories for themselves. Soulflayer cares little for such treachery – more than one Warpsmith has joined the ranks of his Daemonkin or been melded to a Daemon Engine for challenging his authority.


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