Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Artillery Crew

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Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Artillery Crew

Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Artillery Crew – The Artillery Companies of a Death Korps Siege Regiment contain huge numbers of implacable heavy guns, deployed to saturate a target with rolling, incessant barrages of high-explosive shells. The guns are crewed by highly trained squads of Korpsmen to maintain the punishing fire rates that the regiments are famed for. This full resin kit contains five crew figures for use with Death Korps Heavy Artillery pieces. The miniatures are supplied with a Range Finder and Vox-Caster, and three sets of arms designed to be compatible with the accessories supplied in the Medusa Siege Gun and Earthshaker Cannon kits – as indicated in the images above, these include shells and other materiel of war.


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