Eldar Phantom Titan

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Eldar Phantom Titan

Eldar Phantom Titan  – Tall, slender and elegant, the Phantom is the largest known pattern of Eldar Titan. It is swift and agile in comparison to the lumbering behemoths of the Legio Titanicus, and is armed with some of the deadliest examples of Eldar weaponry. Each Phantom is the pinnacle of Eldar warcraft. Linked to a wraithbone core containing the living spirit of its previous pilots, the single crewman of each Phantom Titan, known as a Steersman, is an Exarch dedicated to this aspect of warfare. Locked in a trance-like state, the Steersman’s consciousness merges with the spirit-sentience of the Titan, enabling the mighty war machine to react and manoeuvre with astonishing speed. The Phantom Titan is a complete resin kit.


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