Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought

Space Marine

Welcome to the realm of Chaos Space Marines Havocs, the harbingers of heavy firepower among the Traitor Legions. Havocs are the embodiment of destruction, wielding an arsenal that can lay waste to both infantry and armored foes with relentless precision.

Masters of Havoc

Chaos Space Marines Havocs possess an insatiable hunger for power and chaos. They view themselves as gods of the battlefield, capable of obliterating their adversaries with but a mere twitch of their trigger fingers. This obsession often leads them to reckless charges into the heat of battle, seeking the mightiest adversaries to annihilate.

Disciplined Carnage

Despite their fixation on violence, Havocs are no mere berserkers. They are disciplined warriors who understand the value of teamwork. When part of a Havoc squad, each Marine knows their role, ensuring that their combined firepower is a force to be reckoned with. Even the most formidable foes tremble in the face of such precision and relentless assault.

The Arsenal of Havocs

The Chaos Space Marines Havocs kit equips you with the tools for unparalleled devastation on the battlefield. Each set includes four Havoc miniatures, each ready to be armed with heavy weapons. Choose from a formidable selection that includes:

  • Autocannons: The autocannon’s rapid-fire nature shreds through infantry and light armor alike.
  • Heavy Bolters: A storm of bolter fire rains down upon your foes, making short work of infantry.
  • Lascannons: Harness the raw power of lascannons to pierce through heavily armored targets with ease.
  • Missile Launchers: Versatility is yours with missile launchers, capable of engaging both infantry and vehicles.
  • Reaper Chaincannon: Unleash a relentless hail of bullets with the reaper chaincannon, turning hordes of enemies into chaos.

Aspiring Champions

The kit also includes an Aspiring Champion, a warrior of renown among Havocs. The Aspiring Champion boasts a diverse array of weapon options:

  • Plasma Gun: Melt your foes with searing plasma blasts.
  • Meltagun: Reduce armored targets to molten slag with the devastating melta effect.
  • Flamer: Incinerate enemy infantry with torrents of flame.
  • Power Maul: Crush your adversaries with the brute force of a power maul.
  • Chainsword: Carve a path of destruction with the iconic chainsword.

Answer the Call to Chaos

If you seek to dominate the battlefield with overwhelming firepower, Chaos Space Marines Havocs are the ultimate choice. Equip them with their devastating weaponry, and they will leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

Seize the Power of Havocs

Your moment of Havoc has arrived. Embrace the chaos, lead your Havocs to battle, and become the harbinger of destruction on the tabletop. The battlefield awaits your command—add Chaos Space Marines Havocs to your collection now!

Shape the Battlefield with Havoc

Your adversaries won’t know what hit them. Unleash the might of Havocs and establish your dominance in the world of miniature warfare. Join the ranks of the Chaos Space Marines Havocs and revel in the chaos today!

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