Bloodthirster Greater Daemon of Khorne

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Bloodthirster Greater Daemon of Khorne

Bloodthirster Greater Daemon of Khorne – The greatest of Khorne’s  Resin servants, a physical embodiment of the Blood God’s rage and never ending thirst for blood – Bloodthirsters are huge creatures, desiring only death and devastation. Manifesting in the Mortal Realms, a Bloodthirster of this prodigious size is known as Exalted, and surpasses other Khornate Daemons in size and thirst for war. In the grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, the only Bloodthirster of this immense size seen by the servants of the Imperium is named as An’ggrath the Unbound, the Deathbringer and Daemon Lord of Khorne.



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