Primaris Space Marine Inceptor Squad

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Primaris Space Marine Inceptor Squad

Primaris Space Marine – The Inceptors, the fastest of the Primaris Battle-Brothers, act as the vanguard. They struck the foe with one sudden and devastating blow, leaving them to stagger as subsequent waves of Space Marines fought back. Equipped with jump packs and reinforced armor, Inceptors can drop from the very edge of a planet’s atmosphere, weaving and snaking through the sky before crashing into the enemy’s midst. This multi-part plastic kit contains the components needed to assemble a set of 3 Primaris Inceptors. Inceptors can be armed with either two Plasma Fighters or two Storm Bolters each – the Plasma Fighters have a tough heat shield, and the Storm Bolters have distinctive box magazines. The kit includes 5 helmets designed to be used with an anti-blast casing – obviously there are no bareheaded heads here! Includes 3 Blast Helmets and 4 Seals of Purity – including 1 Double Seal used to distinguish a Sergeant. Primaris Inceptors consists of 117 components and comes with 3 40mm round bases, 3 45mm flying barrels and a Primaris Space Marines Infantry transfer sheet.


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